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DeMarcus Ware worked for one of his former teams as a part-time consultant last season. He hopes to work for the other one this season.

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The former pass rusher, who spent nine years with the Cowboys and three with the Broncos, had a contract with the Broncos last season. But he lives in the Dallas area and works privately with several of the league’s top pass rushers, including Von Miller and many of the Cowboys.

He hopes for a formal role with the Cowboys this season.

“I think it’ll be a great opportunity for me to come back here and coach the guys,” Ware said during the 15th annual Taste of the Cowboys on Sunday night. “I always say I want to teach the championship mentality. If I can come here at least two or three days a week, teaching them Wednesdays and Thursdays, and teach the pass rushers how to pass rush, stop the run, but then I always help the offensive line like Tyron Smith with his technique.

“The thing is I still can do it. You’ve got a coach who can get out there and not just not say how to do it, but can show tape that they remember on how to do it and then get out there and do it as well with them.”

Ware made 138.5 sacks in his career, which ended after the 2016 season.

The Cowboys talked to him about a formal role last season before Ware committed to the Broncos. They have not gotten that far yet this season.

“We love DeMarcus Ware,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. “He’s a special person. He was a special player for this organization for a number of years, and everybody loves him. The coaches love him. His former teammates love him. Obviously, the Jones family loves him.

“We did talk about it last year. It just has to work for both sides. What he’s looking for. What we’re looking for, for a role like that. Suffice to say, he’s always welcome, and if we get to a point, where it makes sense for both sides, we’ll definitely bring him back and get him involved. He’s a special guy.”

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