Brian Dawkins Jersey

The worlds of Wawa and Brian Dawkins are colliding and we’ve got a serious case of FOMO.

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On April 16, Wawa will open the doors on a brand new store located in Jacksonville, Florida with the help of Weapon X himself, who will have his very own Wawa hoagie named after him in his hometown.

Known as the “Dawk”, the hoagie is built on a wheat roll with grilled chicken, Parmesan cheese, spinach, tomato, pickles, sweet peppers and yellow mustard. It sounds like the kind of food that would make you want to get a sack, interception, forced fumble and catch a touchdown pass in the same game.

Unfortunately for Philadelphians, the hoagie is only available from April 16 through June 2 at Wawa locations in Jacksonville, however, we can’t be too mad since it’s for a great cause and you can literally build your own at a Wawa near you since you know what’s in it.

Wawa will donate a portion of the proceeds from hoagie sales, up to $20,000, to benefit JaxPAL’s MobilePAL program, which benefits children in the community.

In addition to making the very first of his hoagie creation, Dawkins will be at the store, located at 2500 Monument Road in Jacksonville, to greet fans, give away free coffee and hand out prizes, including signed photos for the first 100 customers and a signed football to one lucky winner.

Color us jealous, but with Dawkins and Nick Foles headed to Jacksonville, it seems like a nice second home for Eagles fans.

If you’re in the area, doors open at 8 a.m. on Tuesday and we’ll give bonus points to anyone who crawls in like you’re coming out of the tunnel at Lincoln Financial Field.